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Macintosh OS X

Mac OS X is a totally new operating system. The Macintosh has grown up. It is no longer the 97 lb weakling it once was.
The switch from version 10.4 to 10.5 has not been easy. So for the moment, I recommend waiting until things begin to work better. Mac OS 10.4 was based on Unix. Mac OS 10.5 is officially certified as Unix.
Also, the look of Mac OS 10.5 is different from 10.4. The visual quality of 10.5 is much poorer than 10.4.
Review by Robert Elliott
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The new Mac

The operating system is what gives a computer its personality. Apple has created four different Macs with four completely different personalities.
In the computer industry, a new product must be at least four times as good as the previous version or it will not be accepted (or needed.)
The NEXT STEP Macintosh (both PowerPC and Intel versions) are a tremendous improvement over Macintosh OS 9. The first few versions of Mac OS X were a bit rough and even the current verison could have some rough spots fixed. But overall, Mac OS X is such a huge improvement that few people still use the old system.
A new path
The Intel Macintosh is not the same as the PowerPC Macintosh. Both are called Mac OS X but these are totally different computers and different operating system. If you are a very conservative person, you will still wait a few more months before you buy the Intel Macintosh. (The amount of available software is the weakness.)
More later...
Uses at Wikiversity Film School
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  • All of the software used at Wikiversity Film School is either Macintosh software or Linux software.
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  • Four and 1/2 Stars
If you are looking for a new computer, you should consider the Macintosh.
By the end of 2008, you should consider only the Macintosh computers since Dell and the other PC computer companies will only offer Windows while Apple will provide a solution for both Macintosh and Windows.
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I have a qualified recommendation of the Macintosh OS X. Robert Elliott April 2007 (UTC)

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