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Filmmaking Software Review[edit | edit source]

Narrative Film Production:
Software for Filmmaking (not free)
"Follow Dave?" Editing Workshop CD-ROM

"Follow Dave?" Editing Workshop CD-ROM[edit | edit source]

This is behind-the-scenes look at filming and editing of one scene. Includes a 10 minute movie which explains how to edit dialog. The price (not listed on their website) is $8 US plus shipping. (You must be a film student to purchase this disk. Fortunately, if you have completed an assignment here, you qualify for 30 days.)
This disk is one of the few required disks for the film editing project. I have not seen anything else which is as good.
  • As of November 2007, the Star Movie Shop is not open to the public.
  • For students in the courses, the instructor will loan you a copy of this disk if you promise to return it in one month.

Uses at WikiU Film School[edit | edit source]

  • Film editing
  • Introduction to filmmaking

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