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Welcome to a learning project all about Response testing - this is a 'learning by doing' type project, which means hopefully you've got some clear ideas about the sorts of things you'd like to examine / learn about, and maybe some ideas about how you intend to go about your learning - it's not the intention of the instigator of this project to offer 'course materials' per se, but rather to examine many issues around the principles, execution, examination and efficacy of 'response testing'.

What is response testing?[edit | edit source]

Well some examples probably illustrate the concept - feel free to offer your own, or ask questions by clicking 'edit' on this section - drop your note in anywhere :-)

  • A 'Mystery shopper is a response tester, usually working on behalf of the store with the intention of offering feedback which will help improve the policies and practices of the shop.
  • Journalists sometimes test the response of various organisations, often citing 'public interest', and the pursuit of a good story!

Response testing on WMF projects[edit | edit source]

see this page for further information.