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This is about vegetarian remedies that may help with other breast enhancements.

Inverted nipple treatment[edit | edit source]

The suspect for inverted nipple is excessive estrogen during development. Estrogens cause mammary elongation, while prolactins causes nipple development.[1] Prolactins activate PrlR receptor which maintains areolar cells, mammary density, and nipple cells.[1] A sign of over-imbalance of estrogen may be a history of long menstruation periods, and the result of inverted nipples. When estrogens are high, prolactin and progesterone is low.

Progesterones, prolactin and estrogen are three different kinds of hormones. Elevating prolactin and progesterone, which are compatible with each other, could theoretically correct inverted nipple.

Maintaining perkiness[edit | edit source]

Lactogogues generally activate mammary gland cells and cause growth. Hops interacts with breast tissue receptors PR, ER-α, and PrlR, and showed evidence of healthy mammary growth. Green tea interacts with mammary tissue, but it is believed to cause tissue reduction. What if hops and green tea in the right proportions can work together to maintain breast shape, by stimulating the mammary glands.

References[edit | edit source]

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