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Reddit be used to communicate valuable messages. This site (Wikiversity) can help others to learn. This site can be used to help facilitate learning, teaching, and research. Wikiversity has a valuable message and valuable content to spread!

You can help to increase the productive use of Wikiversity by building awareness of this site. You have the option of sharing content on Wikiversity to relevant sub-Reddits. Do not spam Reddit. Post links to this site constructively on Reddit. You can help to build awareness of this site by posting links to Reddit in ways that are thoughtful and considerate. Post content from this site to relevant sub-Reddits if you want to potentially facilitate learning for many.

If you are too hasty, and post too much, Reddit will gently make you wait. Be thoughtful! Reddit has built in mechanism to help individuals contribute productively and fruitfully.

This site (Wikiversity) has value to share. By building awareness of this site, you can help to provide value (through learning, teaching, and research) to humans on Earth. That is quite a humanist goal!

Shareaholic is a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that can help you to share valuable content efficiently.

Discussion questions[edit | edit source]

  • What valuable information from this site do you want to share on Reddit?
  • How can sharing content from this site on Reddit help individuals to learn?
  • How can this site benefit from increased usage and content creation?
  • Is growth something that can benefit this site?

You can have discussions related to these questions at Discussion.

Studying Content from Here Shared on Reddit[edit | edit source]

What can we learn by examining how this site is shown on Reddit?

Learning links[edit | edit source]

What can we learn from these links to this site?

How could this site (Wikiversity) change the face of education if more individuals knew about it?
If more people knew about this site (Wikiversity) how might that change education?

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