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QB:Ch 7:V1[edit]


Electron Gun with Wehnelt Cylinder.svg
An electron gun has parallel plates separated by 3.02 cm and gives electrons 39 keV of energy. What force would the field between the plates exert on a 0.699 μC charge that gets between the plates?
a) 8.206E-01 N
b) 9.027E-01 N
c) 9.930E-01 N
d) 1.092E+00 N
e) 1.201E+00 N

2) When a 7.78 V battery operates a 1.35 W bulb, how many electrons pass through it each second?

a) 7.397E+17 electrons
b) 8.137E+17 electrons
c) 8.951E+17 electrons
d) 9.846E+17 electrons
e) 1.083E+18 electrons
VFPt dipole electric manylines cropped.svg
A diploe has a charge magnitude of q=7 nC and a separation distance of d=4.08 cm. The dipole is centered at the origin and points in the y-direction as shown. What is the electric potential at the point (x=3.16 cm, y=2.04 cm)? Note that following the textbook's example, the y-value of the field point at 2.04 cm matches the disance of the positive charge above the x-axis.
a) 7.017E+02 V
b) 7.718E+02 V
c) 8.490E+02 V
d) 9.339E+02 V
e) 1.027E+03 V