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Learning Exercise Example[edit | edit source]

video 1

  • In terms of phonology, this child is able to produce most sounds appropriately. She does produce a consonant cluster reduction (kechup - rather than ketchup).
  • Her semantic development is good as she understands that ketchup refers to the sauce in the red bottle and mustard in the yellow bottle.
  • Her syntactic speech production shows evidence of her still developing negative phrase structure. She says “I no like ketchup” which is an incorrect syntactic sentence. It should be “I don’t like ketchup”

video 2

  • In this example, we see that this child may not yet understand the meaning of the word “gift” as her mother asked her if it’s a gift for her, and the girl replies “ no it’s a mirror”

video 3

  • In this video, the child can combie multiple utterances, but seems to make some overregularization errors (morphological development). She says “it didn’t ate him” and it and he falled down”