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Shamanism[edit | edit source]

Shamanism is defined by Mircea Eliade as the study and practice of "techniques of ecstasy." Other modern authors and scholars have described Shamanism as cultivating and mastering "altered states of consciousness". The merits of Shamanism have yet to be fully appreciated in conservative academic circles.[1]

Shamanism is not a religion and can not be practiced as such. It is a set of acquired techniques (much like like yoga, meditation, and prayer, but not any of these).

Practitioners generally describe it as traveling to different realities and dealing with "spirits" or "elementals", who are ubiquitous and act as causal forces in nature. Shamans are also magicians and thaumaturgists, and traditionally have valuable skills such as healing, clairvoyance, shape-shifting and levitation.

Learn to Shapeshift[edit | edit source]

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To learn how to shape-shift, first you need a guide. If no human guides are available in your locality or social network, you must find an animal guide.

  1. Know for certain that you can communicate psychically with animals. You always have whether you knew it or not.
  2. Ask various animals if they can teach you how to shapeshift. Some animals are better shapeshifters than others, and some specialize in specific techniques such as invisibility. Be respectful.
  3. Practice. You CAN do this. Not only have you done it before, but you do it constantly.

Footnotes[edit | edit source]

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