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About Yoreme[edit | edit source]

We've started a project to generate educational materials to teach computer skills to kids who have had little or no access to computer networks. ES:Proyecto Yoreme is close to completing its initial phase. Since the theoretical basis of our work and its methodology have been clearly outlined on our site, its now time to generate the content.

What's in a name?[edit | edit source]

Sobre el nombre del proyecto[edit | edit source]

This proyect was conceived to vie for an initiative of the state of Sonora. In the initial shower of ideas leading to the project's formal definition, Panx, a dear friend and guru, mentioned various peoples of the state, amongst them the Mayos and the Raramuris. Erno liked his idea, and being our august leader, his vision stuck, but I've come to like it. Read on to see why, but read the next section to find how I got back at him. &8'P

"We had to present our first proposal of the project, but we had yet to come up with a name. Following the notion of coming up with something which alluded to the state, I discovered that the Mayos call themselves Yoreme, which means "one who respects". Apart from liking this idea, it seemed to me that it had plenty to do with the type of didactics we wanted to implement. In spite of this name being provisional, the proposal was well received and we adopted in a more permanent way."

Sobre el nombre del servidor de web[edit | edit source]

The original site of the project is in a hosting provider where I store my personal web space, and the domain name of the oficial site is That is what I meant to call the project. I comes from latin, which uses two distinct words which roughly correspond to and predate our own education. These are educere and educare. I will mention briefly and in passing that educare means to mold the student, but educere means to bring forth what is within the student.

El nombre de estas secciones[edit | edit source]

The project originates in Spanish, and in keeping with its spirit, we will pepper our text with spanish.

Currícula[edit | edit source]

This is what we have in Wikiversity for now, divided in certain fields of study:

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Material que hemos subido a Wikiversidad por ahora, dividido por áreas:

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Proposed materials[edit | edit source]

If you have any suggestions or proposals for new educational materials, please tell us all about it at this page.

Si tienes alguna propuesta de material educativo, por favor cuéntanosla en esta página.

Mensajes[edit | edit source]

Para abrir un tema nuevo de discusión, favor de utilizar este enlace

Vídeos y evidencias[edit | edit source]

Project Members[edit | edit source]

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Jergas A.
Desarrollo de metodología y contenido.
El Erno
Coordinación general, desarrollo de metodología y contenido.
Desarrollo de contenido (Robotica).
Desarrollo de contenido (Shell), desarrollo de los scripts de instalación de las Classmates, asesoría en la implantación de infraestructura.
Desarollo de contenido (Pure Data)

Capacitación del Entrenamiento para facilitadores Yoreme en la ESANS[edit | edit source]

Luis Yahir Ortega Muñoz.
Prof. de Informática
Marco Palomares
Prof. de Idiomas
Rodrigo Eder
Prof. de Idiomas
Eder Pedro
Prof. de Geografia
Vicky Asencio
Profa. de Aprender a Aprender
prof. de fisica