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Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) is a neurodegenerative disease with no known cause or cure. In its initial stages it closely resembles Parkinson's Disease and there is scope for misdiagnosis. Its later stages are characterised by other symptoms, notably a poor response to dopamine replacement therapy and difficulties in moving the eyes.


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Litvan et al [1] have set out the clinical criteria to be use in the diagnosis of PSP.

The criteria specify three degrees of diagnostic certainty: possible PSP, probable PSP, and definite PSP. Possible PSP requires the presence of a gradually progressive disorder with onset at age 40 or later, either vertical supranuclear gaze palsy or both slowing of vertical saccades and prominent postural instability with falls in the first year of onset, as well as no evidence of other diseases that could explain these features. Probable PSP requires vertical supranuclear gaze palsy, prominent postural instability, and falls in the first year of onset, as well as the other features of possible PSP. Definite PSP requires a history of probable or possible PSP and histopathologic evidence of typical PSP.

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