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This page is a list of free (as in no payment required) resources for teaching STEM topics at the primary level (ages 5-11). Some may be under non-free licences.

Science[edit | edit source]

Science Net Links[edit | edit source]

Free lessons from the American Academic for the Advancement of Science. Also has secondary level resources.

NASA[edit | edit source]

Public domain educational resources from NASA.

Technology[edit | edit source]

CS Unplugged[edit | edit source]

Computer-free computer science activities designed for primary school students from Google and Microsoft. CC-by-SA-4.0

Engineering[edit | edit source]

Hacking STEM Library[edit | edit source]

Upper primary (middle school) library of activities from Microsoft Education.

Mathematics[edit | edit source]

CEMC[edit | edit source]

Free booklets to assist mathematics teachers of Grades 4, 5, 6 from the University of Waterloo.

NRICH - enriching mathematics[edit | edit source]

Activities for enriching maths learning by the University of Cambridge.

Also has resources for the pre-school and secondary school students.

mep - Mathematics Enhancement Programme[edit | edit source]

Complete mathematics curriculum for primary aged children.