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Jesus Christ

The prayer (derived from asking) denotes a central religious practice of many religions. It is a verbal or non-verbal ritual devotion to a transcendent being (god, deity, goddess). It presupposes the idea of ​​a personal God.

Principles of Enlightenment[edit | edit source]

Enlightenment occurs when the tensions in the body and mind are dissolved. In the Bible, this is described with the words: "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God." The tensions are caused by the stress of life and mental false reactions. Tensions can lead to mental abnormalities (neuroses) and psychosomatic illnesses. You can put it like this: "An enlightened person is inwardly healthy (whole, a holy)." Meditation and mental work are the two main techniques to resolve inner tensions. In meditation, there are various techniques. You can work with visualisations. Positive images can resolve internal tensions and mental disorder. The center of the meditation is inner peace. Then all of the stored stress ultimately emerge by itself and dissolve. The enlightened mind is characterized by inner peace. From the inner peace unfolds a higher consciousness. One can suddenly think better. The tensions are eliminated. The mental capacity is multiplied. One can think holistically (excluding an ego from the entire cosmic system). By the purified mind one can recognize what God is. God is not a concept but the basic perception of man. A person sees all things as they really are. He sees everything in context. Where previously a man by his ego was fixated on himself, he now thinks and feels egoless as one with the cosmos. If the tensions disappear in man, from the deep inner peace arises a deep inner happiness. The man is one with himself and the world. He feels peace, happiness, strength, love and clarity in himself. He gets special abilities. He can suddenly think in the higher dimensions in the cosmos. The space-time limitation is lifted. He can see in the past and future. He can see things on distant places. And he can transmit thoughts and energies to other persons. And an enlightened can test this. There are many levels of enlightenment. The more one grows in his enlightenment, the more abilities one has. He comes into contact with his former lives. He learns by himself, that there is a life after death, an afterlife and a light area in the cosmos.

Enlightenment and God[edit | edit source]

Enlightenment is the core of all religions. Religions will lead to enlightenment. All founders of religions have made an enlightenment experience. In this experience, they saw a higher reality which they have referred as God. This higher reality is difficult to describe. Therefore, there are many expressions and many pictures. In Buddhism, Nirwana is described as a higher dimension of consciousness associated with the feelings of emptiness (egolessness) and abundance (unity, happiness, love). In Hinduism, it is called a state of being (Sat-Chid-Ananda). No word describes God perfectly. All terms will ultimately lead us to God, to enlightenment (holiness) and to a life in God. Moses was enlightened, as he saw a shining (burning) bush after many years of a secluded life in the desert. He saw the light of God in the bush. He got this through living in rest for a long time and through Kundalini Yoga, learned from the egyptian priests. In the Bible it is described by the words, "So Moses threw down the staff, and it turned into a snake!" The snake is the Kundalini snake and the staff his spinal column. He made spine practices of visualization and thus the Kundalini snake (energy) awoke. Jesus became enlightened, after John the Baptist gave him the Enlightenment energy (Kundalini energy). After this Jesus meditated 40 days in the desert. Then the devil (his ego) left him and the angels ministered to him (he was able to help with the enlightenment energy his fellow people). Buddha got enlightenment after six years as a yogi under the Bodhi tree. Mara (the devil) disappeared and Buddha rested in happiness.

  • Nils: "I have six arguments: 1. The statements of the enlightened. They see God as light in the world in the form of love, peace, and happiness. God is a term for the perception of the enlightened. Every real religion establishes itself around an enlightened master. Every real religion has a word for God, (Tao, Nirwana, Brahman, Allah, Yahwe). 2. The near death research refers to the independence of the soul from the body and the continued existence of the soul after death. The most important witness is Pam Reynolds. She has seen the light of God in the afterlife, and learned that there is a paradise area. She has also demonstrated that her otherworldly experience was real. She heard the doctors during her out-of-body experience and could reproduce exactly the conversation later on. The gauges showed during her out-of-body experience that her brain could not think. There were no brain waves. And yet she has heard the conversation. Pam Reynolds could have heard the conversation of the doctors only with her soul. Her ears were stoppered while the operation. 3. Physics refers to the existence of a higher cosmic information field (Amit Goswami, God as higher consciousness). The string theory supports this point of view. 4. Parapsychology researches spiritual abilities such as thought transfer and to perceive and sense over large distances. 5. Scientific happiness research has proven the context between enlightenment, peace, happiness, and love. They have recognized the principles which lead to a happy life. They have researched Matthieu Ricard as an enlightened person. 6. I live as a hermit. I have been in various states of enlightenment. I have seen God as light in the world, and felt as happiness, love, peace, and truth in myself. I maintain that enlightenment and God exist. I maintain that it is better and happier to be enlightened than unenlightened. I maintain that it is good to live in God."
  • Wikipedia: Mysticism is the knowledge of, and especially the personal experience of, states of consciousness, or levels of being, or aspects of reality, beyond normal human perception, including experience of and even communion with a supreme being. (...) Many if not all of the world's great religions have arisen around the teachings of mystics (including Buddha, Jesus, Lao Tze, and Krishna); and most religious traditions describe fundamental mystical experience.

My experience of Jesus Christ[edit | edit source]

Nils Horn (User:Nobody60)

Nils: "My parents are atheists. After my studies, I became a lawyer. When I was thirty, I found my spiritual calling in addition to my profession. I did three hours of spiritual exercise daily. In November 1986 I had my first big enlightenment experience. During a meditation while lying down, a warm column of energy slowly rose from my lower belly. As the energy reached my head, my self-consciousness disappeared, I became one with the all-encompassing love of the cosmos. I experienced extreme happiness. I was suddenly able to understand the holy books written throughout mankind's history at a deeper level.

The high point of my spiritual experience was what I felt as the entrance of the Holy Spirit. A thick beam of energy flew from the sky and into my crown chakra. The energy flowed through my body and filled it out completely. On my head was a small flame of energy. This experience is comparable with the Pentecost event. On the heads of the early Christians appeared small energy tongues. Spontaneously arose in me the thought that now I have been blessed by the Holy Spirit. I felt the energy beam as a descent of the Holy Spirit. A short time later I had another amazing experience. When I made my daily walk one evening, I suddenly had the feeling that I was seen from the sky. It was as if at the sky there was a large eye that saw me. The message of this eye was: "You can go your way with trust. You are guided by God." I read the Bible thoroughly from front to back. Through my experiences of enlightenment I could now understand the deep wisdom in the Scriptures. I also understood what the term "God" did mean.

One day I layed on my bed and meditated. My thoughts always came to rest more and more. Suddenly Jesus Christ stood as a great shining light in the middle of the room. Back then I lived for six years as a hermit in seclusion. I knew immediately that this luminary was Jesus Christ. Jesus came to me and floated into me. I was filled with bliss. I rested for some time in this unimaginably large energy of love, peace and light.

God is a mystery that can be described personal and impersonal. According to Amritanandamayi (Amma) there are fully enlightened souls in the afterworld. They are through their cosmic consciousness one with the cosmos (with God) and also one with each other. We can therefore pray to God or to the enlightened souls in the afterlife. According to Amma, a prayer is always heard and reacted to or upon by one of these higher beings. It doesn’t matter what name humans use in the process. The only point of importance is that the person praying would like help from a higher force in the cosmos. God is often described as a cloud in Christianity. This image goes well with the idea of the aforementioned great enlightened souls. We could consider these souls as an energy cloud of highly developed consciousness. They are capable of affecting every dimension of the cosmos with beams of light. This often transpires via symbols such as books, images, and statues which appear in certain locations. More spiritually developed humans are able to sense these beams of energy which emanate symbolically through the statues and images. People can focus and turn this energy into inner power, peace, or positive thoughts."

  • Nils: A big question on the spiritual path is wether praying is helpful. I believe that God is connected with our inner voice of wisdom. For me, the personal God is a collective term for all enlightened Masters. They live in God and are one with God. They are one with everything and also with us. They are especially one with us in our inside. They got through their purified consciousness special abilities. With these abilities they can help us. If we want it. In my experience, it is sufficient to connect with God or the enlightened Masters through a prayer, and then follow ones own inner wisdom. A prayer has two areas of impact. First, it is an appeal for help, and secondly it works as a mantra. A mantra is a spiritual technique that cleans ourselves internally and fills us with happiness energy. A mantra can be thought as often as you like. It brings us forward on the spiritual path. It builds up inside us positive energy.
  • Rafa: It is said of God, he would answer prayers, but when you pray, it's pure chance whether something happens.
  • Nils: Those who pray for selfish goals, only exceptionally gets a wish-fulfillment. But who prays for his enlightenment and for help on his way of all-embracing love, always gets help. But not always the way he wanted. Not in a way that he feels great, rather in a way that his ego dissolves. God lives in a dimension above our material cosmos. He is able to act that it seems to be happend by chance but it wasn´t.

Ulla meets God[edit | edit source]

Nils: Good day, dear Ulla! Can you tell me something about your life?

Ulla: When I was sent to Sunday school, I liked to listen to the stories of Jesus. Then followed a long period of spiritual sleep, how I would describe it today. I had several friends, but always felt it was not the right man. Until I got a man, with whom I had over 30 years of a desperate relationship. On the one hand, I always wanted to get away from him because he was doing me no good. On the other hand, I was not able to do it. But this negative relationship was at least the advantage that I got interested in religion. As my husband always went to bed early, I was still on long and I busied myself with the various religions. I prayed to God since my childhood. God or Goddess? I wanted to know. I went on a fantastic meditation. I wanted to meet the goddess in a clearing! I imagined how I went to a little house through a garden with flowers. I walked a beautiful forest trail along until I came to the clearing. There I waited for the goddess! This meditation, I did with a wunderfull meditation music. The meditation became independent. The road rose gradually, without being burdensome, and the vegetation was lost. As I looked around me there was suddenly left and right of way only emptiness. When I went higher, I saw before me a bright light. As I approached this wonderful, warm light, I saw a Greek statue of a deity. I went to this wonderful bright, love-emitting light, and asked simply, "So there is not a goddess?" The light being turned to me, changed his form and I looked at my own face. I suddenly knew that God bears within himself the female, male, and everything else. I realized that each of us is a tiny part of God. God wants nothing more than to re-unite with us. But we must be like God, full of love and selflessness. And this is often a long way. I was overcome with such a wonderful warmth, such a deep love and peace, that I would always prefer to stay with God. But unfortunately, I was then quickly brought back to my body. I found no rest and always wanted to come back to God. I meditate every night and was very unhappy that it did not work. Then suddenly I had found the path again, but I saw a lot of branching paths. I realized that one should always be carefully on his way to not fall back again. And then I heard a voice in my heart, who said: "Why do you spend unnecessary time to see me again? Live your life and be happy and make others happy, then you have done a lot?" Since that day my life changed completely. I have no more fears, can see into the hearts of the people, do not have a husband anymore, no more house, no money and I am completely happy.

Nils: Let's talk about saving the world.

Ulla: It is very important that there is more love in the world.

Nils: When I turn on the TV, I see a lot of suffering in the world. I see a lot of unnecessary wars. I see hunger. I see poverty. I see injustice. In the world there is too much hatred and selfishness. And too little love among the people.

Ulla: I would teach the teachers to teach their students love and helpfulness.

Nils: Worldwide spread selfishness more and more. The cause is the capitalist globalization. The capitalist television already reaches down to the last village in Africa. The people there have nothing to eat, but they have a TV in every village. They will all be injected with consumerism and selfishness.

Ulla: Those who recognized the problems of the world, become more and more. We must unite.

Nils: Yes. The global justice movement is getting stronger.

Ulla: How can we help ensure that there is a world of love and peace?

Nils: Each person should use his personal resources. Many small water droplets will sometime become a mighty river. This sometimes happens very suddenly and unpredictably for the mighty in the world. And that's good.

Ulla: Start small!

Nils: The little ones start small and the big ones make big things. All work together.

Ulla: Right!

Nils: Mother Teresa said: "I can do what you cannot do, and what I cannot do you can do."

Ulla: That it is! Everyone has some skills to serve the divine and all beings.

The Sermon on the Mount[edit | edit source]

Sermon on the Mount
  • Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
  • Blessed are they who mourn, for they will be comforted.
  • Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the land.
  • Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be satisfied.
  • Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.
  • Blessed are the clean of heart, for they will see God.
  • Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are they who mourn, for they will be comforted. Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the land. Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be satisfied. Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy. Blessed are the clean of heart, for they will see God. Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.

Jesus meant „poor“ in terms of the inner self, and not the outer self. Outer poverty does not lead automatically to inner happines. Those who let go of outer attachments, can simply exist and find a way to inner contentment in God. Suffering in and of itself does not lead to happiness. However, those who can take suffering in their lives and raise themselves through spiritual exercises, can find solace in inner peace. Mourning can help to let go, but one should not allow the self to be overwhelmed by grief. Grief is not the center of life, rather inner peace.

Those who can greet their fellow beings with non-violence and placidity, can live in a relaxed and peaceful way and relinquish into a cosmic consciousness. Those who are at peace with all things, are at peace with themselves.

Justice means correctness in the Bible. To long for a correct life, means to long for a life in the light. Those who long for happiness and search for it in the right places will receive it one day, in the form of inner peace.

Those full of empathy, will feel with the cosmos. Those who love their enemies will experience inner harmony. Those who experience the center of their existence as a love for all other beings will be rewarded by God with an all-encompassing love, peace, and inner happiness.

To dissolve inner tension, exercises for the body are required (going, meditation) and exercises for the spirit (reading, thought exercises). Those who exercise spiritually every day will reach a lasting happiness one day. Then one day the meaning of God will be found.

Those who let go of the ego, come into the light. Without a sacrifice, the breakthrough to enlightenment cannot be made. Those who live according to these teachings and therefore experience difficulty in their daily lives, provide the basis for such a spiritual sacrifice. To let go in a spiritual manner is an art. Those who do not go about this the right way create inner tension and conflict. We should not sacrifice too little or too much. Those who go about this the right way will be rid of their inner conflict.

A peacemaker is a person who makes peace within the self and the world. Those who are enlightened can be called holy, a son or daughter of God. Those who live in peace radiate peace into the world.

The central message of Jesus’ Mount Sermon is that a person cannot serve two lords. He cannot serve God (inner happiness) and money (the outer form of “happiness”). One has to decide for him or herself as to what form of happiness he or she will seek to attain. As a wise person, one must place the way of peace, serenity, love, and spiritual exercises as the central point of existence. In this way, he or she will one day find true happiness and live in the light.

The Lord´s Prayer[edit | edit source]

The image refers us to connect the Lord's Prayer (Christian main mantra) with visualizations and thereby strengthen the spiritual effect considerably. To have a powerful effect, we should speak or think the prayer how it fits us best. We should interpret the images so that they are helpful to us. We can formulate the sentences of the Lord's Prayer in our own words. This can help us to come better into contact with the energy of the prayer. The Pater Noster picture divides the Lord's Prayer in eight areas.

1.Our Father in heaven,

(We visualize God on our personal way above our crown chakra.)

2.hallowed be your name,

(We think sometimes the word "God", until we are in contact with the energy of God.)

3.your kingdom come,

(We visualize us in the kingdom of God. We see the positive in our world. )

4.your will be done, on earth as in heaven.

(We take all things in our lives as they are.)

5.Give us today our daily bread.

(We are grateful for everything good in our lives.)

6.Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us.

(What do you want to forgive your fellow man or God / your life today?)

7.Save us from the time of trial and deliver us from evil.

(What false desires you want to let go of today?)

8.For the kingdom, the power, and the glory are yours now and for ever. Amen.

(Feel the power and the light of your spiritual role model flowing into you and filling you. Think Amen as long until you are one with the power of Jesus or God. Move one hand and send the light with the mantra Amen to all beings on earth. So you will come fully into the light.)

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