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Note: This project is intended to evolve over time, and Community involvement is requested. You can help by developing this page in its current context, and by fleshing it out. As the project progresses, I may step in to "change direction" and further the exploratory process here. —The Jade Knight (d'viser)

Over the course of its (relatively brief) history, Wikiversity has seen a certain degree of conflict. One of the problems which occurs over and over again is how to deal with conflict and incivility at Wikiversity. As participants, we frequently see the behavior of other participants as helpful or unhelpful; as "bad" or "good".

This project is intended to explore what we do, and should do, about "good" and "bad" contributions to Wikiversity.

Tools[edit | edit source]

Over the course of its history, Wikiversity participants have used a wide variety of tools in defense of their positions. Are all of these tools appropriate? Are some?

Praise at Wikiversity[edit | edit source]

What are some of the tools we can use to show we appreciate specific efforts of other participants?

  • Thank & compliment others
  • Pitching in and helping
  • Giving recognition in the form of barnstars, etc.
  • Recognizing their long-term contributions with a title like "Catalyst" or "Custodian"
  • ...

Punishment at Wikiversity[edit | edit source]

What are some of the tools which can be used to show we disagree with specific efforts of other participants?

  • Talk (and argue) about it
  • Revert changes we disagree with
  • Call those we disagree with names
  • Use sockpuppets, either to harass other users, or to pretend like we have more support than we actually do
  • Use straw men and other logical fallacies to try to make opposing viewpoints seem inferior
  • Create learning projects which make other viewpoints seem bad
  • Modify templates or policies to fit our own viewpoints better
  • Request censorship of the opposing material or person (or censor them ourselves)
  • Block individuals we disagree with from editing on the project
  • ...

Note: These lists are intended to be as comprehensive for now. Please help brainstorm, and don't worry about "appropriateness" for the moment. When these lists have filled out a bit, the project will shift direction slightly.

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