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GE H series Gas Turbine.jpg
Figure 1:GE H series power generation gas turbine. This 480-megawatt unit has a rated thermal efficiency of 60% in combined cycle configurations.( Click on image to view full size image )

Introduction: Gas Turbine Power station

A Gas-turbine power station uses gas turbines as prime mover for generating electrical energy.

This power station is generally used in conjunction with Steam Power station. This kind of power station can be used to produce limited amounts of electrical energy. In most countries these power stations are used as peaking power stations.


This power station is run with natural gas as fuel. The turbines draw in air at the front of the unit and then compress; mix with fuel and ignite the mixture at high pressure. The hot gas released expands through the turbine blades connected to the turbine shaft. The shaft turns thus developing mechanical energy which is converted into electrical energy by the generator.

Industrial Gas Turbines for Electrical Generation

As noted earlier this type of power station is usually used in conjunction with Steam Power station, in a combined cycle configuration or cogeneration configuration. Both method are useful in increasing the overall Generating efficiency of the generating plant.

Future generations will want to depend more on this type of electricity-generating power station (and other renewabke energy sources), due to low green house emmissions.