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Categories and Social Entrepreneurship Projects[edit source]

So far, we are sticking with broad categories. Below are some categories and the types of projects we have seen. It is probably best to use the categories under Themes and possibly add some of these there:

  • Educational
    • Tutoring of Maths and Science
    • Assistance at SCIENZA
    • Assist learners with homework - after school care
    • Assist learners with special education needs
    • Career guidance
    • Library projects
    • Science and maths awareness from preschoolers to high school
    • Assistance with Eng week at TUKS
    • Career guidance
    • Life skills program
  • ICT
    • Development of Websites
    • Computer training
  • Infrastructure
    • Renovation of buildings in comm centres
    • Design of play equipment - preschools
    • Garden projects
    • Building
    • Engineering
    • Project management
  • Entrepreneurial
    • Transfer of skill
    • Scale up of production
    • Fablab
  • Environment
    • Nature - tree identification
    • Animals- Pta Zoo
    • Recycling
  • Recreation
    • Music
    • Sport