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Welcome to Wikiversity's School of Urban Studies and Planning!

This is a developing school. There is an attempt to form a framework on this page to assist in the organization of content.

Wikiversity's Department of Urban Studies and Planning is part of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

School News[edit | edit source]

  • Right now - Looking for contributors.
  • August 19, 2009 - Ahwahnee Principles added to the curriculum!
  • December 23 2006 - School founded.

Learning projects[edit | edit source]

  • NYC (Bushwick) Urban Renewal project

Courses[edit | edit source]

These need to have their namespace changed to nothing. "Topic:" is not appropriate for courses. Departments and divisions should have the namespace "Topic:".

Topics[edit | edit source]

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Open source software[edit | edit source]

MIT Open Course Ware[edit | edit source]

Ahwahnee Principles[edit | edit source]