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Progress and Prospects in Parkinson's Research[edit | edit source]

This section is for those who are interested in following research into Parkinson's and thinking about what questions remain unanswered, what issues need to be resolved and what implications arise from research results.

You can browse through it and read some very interesting stuff.

But if you are interested in contributing, you can write accounts, especially of newly published research, explain issues and stimulate discussion.

All contributors are expected to provide references to back up what they say.

Wikiversity, like any university, has a research facilitation function with projects which actually conduct research. (See the Research Portal.)

This embryonic Parkinson's research learning project, however, is a variation of this and is aimed rather at 'researching research'. The aim is to ferret out and present results through written items that explain, discuss and share research findings. Wikiversity is an appropriate platform because this concept fits somewhere in between teaching & learning on one hand and of doing research on the other.

The six-fold purpose of Section 1 ...

Progress and Prospects in Parkinson's Research[edit | edit source]

The purpose of the material in section 1 is to :

  • highlight interesting topics in current Parkinson's research
  • explain their significance and background
  • describe the questions answered and identify the questions still unanswered
  • say how the work fits into the bigger picture and what other researchers are doing
  • examine hypotheses and to raise implications
  • identify possible new lines of enquiry and new implications for research strategy

The structure of articles should be designed to achieve these purposes.

The style of the articles should make them accessible to readers who have a moderate level of scientific or biological understanding but who are not experts in the field. Technical terms should be explained in the text or hyperlinked to explanatory material such as in wikipedia or elsewhere.

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