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This page is for you to post requests for collaboration (at any level).

Indicate the type of collaboration sought and how to contact you.

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Cultural Perspective (India)[edit | edit source]

I have been working upon the training of entrepreneurs in India using the inputs from Indian culture. Has anybody tried it in other regions? Need for achievement can be incorporated in one's personality by using concepts from 'Gita'- a holy book of Hindus, work ethics by using the concepts of 'kirat karo' from Sikhism, 'Halaal' from Islam. I wish to start a collaborative venture with like minded people to educate anyone about social Entrepreneurship. Pl. leave a massage for me at my talk page if you can contribute in some way -sharing of experience, joint development of curriculum or some other way. --Prof. Vivek Sharma 17:59, 12 June 2008 (UTC)

Excellent! These perspectives will be of great value. Almost all countries consist of a diversity of cultures and religions. Making a deliberate positive social impact requires insight into the possible social consequences.