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The purpose of this page is to highlight issues around participation so that the community of educators and students can grow stronger.

Please indicate any difficulties you may have had and any suggestions for improving community engagement.

If you have time, lend a hand with developing a survey/questionnaire to probe reasons for the low level of participation:

Draft Survey.

Ideas for community mobilisation[edit | edit source]

  • Raise awareness of OER - via the OER Handbook for Educators and with some pro-active communication etc..
  • Organize the entire course, have a core team to take care of planning and to look after other aspects of course. Invite experts to take care of particular topic, experts are usually self motivated. Some kind of certification and credits be given to the co learners, so that there is a motivation to complete the course and activities on time. Collaborations with NGOs and not for profit organizations,as well as individual entrepreneurs, who want to contribute some time and be the mentors will also help. I am available for any assistance.User:Prof._Vivek_Sharma

Time[edit | edit source]

Not having enough on top of other work.

Our aim should be to make this wiki a time saver.
Best done with some collaboration and consensus on structure and content (including tools and other resources).

Timing of Activities[edit | edit source]

When is a good time for curriculum development and participation in general?

For UNW (and probably other universities) the beginning of the year is best - when new projects are planned - a much more suitable time to participate.

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