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School:Computer Science -> Topic:Computer Programming -> Topic:Databases

Course Purpose[edit | edit source]

1) The aim is to present the general principles of the database systems with a practical focus, and some implementation assignments. Those assignments may or may not include programming.

2) The course assumes that students have some programming or strong logical reasoning skills in programming languages like C or C++. Some programming data structures such as (heap files, buffer manager, B+ trees, hash indexes, various join methods) are used in the course

Learning projects[edit | edit source]

Prerequisites[edit | edit source]

Learners interested in Topic:Databases should first enroll at School:Computer Science and Computer Programming.

Lessons[edit | edit source]

Introductory course[edit | edit source]

This course is intended to serve as a quick-and-dirty introduction to Relational Databases, leading the reader to a point where they could create a useful small database for home or small business use.

Learning resources[edit | edit source]

Forums[edit | edit source]

  • Wikiversity forum for general discussion of databases. On this page, people will answer the questions you pose about databases.

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Bibliography[edit | edit source]

Database Management Systems, second edition by Raghu Ramakrishnan (University of Wisconsin) and Johannes Gerkhe (Cornell University)

Database Management Systems, third edition by by Raghu Ramakrishnan and Johannes Gehrke

The Relational Model

The Third Manifesto