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WIC - Wikiversity Institute of Construction will be a multi-discipline learning environment aimed at encouraging and preserving skills and expertise critical to actually building or doing things rather than just reading about them, planning or dreaming. It includes all kinds of practical knowledge from modern how-to(s) to ancient crop planning via astronomy or calenders. It is anticipated in the near future the rising availability of free knowledge bases, software tools and cottage manufacturing automation that the free skills gatherered and propagated here will be increasingly vital to vibrant local markets and craftsmen.

Proposed. This Institute is not a going concern. It is proposed to help diversify the participation at Wikiversity and shift its focus from purely academic to practical scholarship of all kinds that people find useful in industry, trade, art and culture.

Brainstorming places to attract potential participants:

Needed to get started: Much/any of the Do-it-yourself or "non encyclopedic" FDL'ed material related to construction or operation or maintenance of modern infrastructure deleted over the past few years at other Wikimedia projects as "out of scope" of local project.