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the repository for Open Questions, Challenges and Ressources of the

Curriculum on Complex Systems Sciences

Call for ideas[edit | edit source]

November 2018[edit | edit source]

Please send your contributions to Jorge.L at iscte-iul.pt

start by the complex systems roadmaps (CSSociety)

link the curriculum to the knowledge map

K in complex systems sciences has many trajectories in the KM

question: what is the granularity in this KM?

MOOCs Future Learn - data science, adoption of CS by a large community

MOOCs bottom-up - <a>https://www.futurelearn.com/partners/unesco-unitwin-complex-systems-digital-campus</a>

recent bibliography

question: how to collect and where to store bibliographic references?

accreditation, CS-DC certificates

Goal > 1 million certificated students !

question: what level in math? and in other domains?

CCS in Thesaloniki, satelite on education

question: where to publish the CSSCurriculum? Report? Website?

Living curricula on Complex Systems Studies

Write a position paper regarding the Curriculum on Complex Systems Science. Contributions will be welcome during December 2018. The position paper will be published (where?) during January 2019.

Examples in other domains[edit | edit source]

ACM[edit | edit source]

ACM Curricula Recommendations

ACM Computer Science Curricula 2013

Contributors[edit | edit source]

(until now!)

  • Paul Bourgine
  • Jeff Johnson
  • Cyrille Bertelle
  • Jorge Louçã

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