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Tropical and Subtropical Pomology I is a subject which includes lessons covering fruit production and marketing of the most important fruits of tropical and subtropical regions of the world. In total it consists of 12 lessons which are not only focusing fruit production, but also basics to pomology, fruit propagation and harvesting. The lessons are designed on the easier level with projects. It allows undergraduate students to study this subject with no difficulty and get in touch with it by working on the project.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Subject name: Tropical and Subtropical Pomology I
University: English Wikiversity
School: School of Agriculture
Department: Department of Pomology
Language: English
No. of lessons: 12
No. of students: not limited
Status: in preparation

Aim of the subject[edit | edit source]

The aim of the subject is to give a theoretical overview of the main tropical and subtropical fruits processed and soled on the worlds markets. There is also a need to develop study materials and maintain them by adding new stuff. After passing this subject students might have a good theoretical knowledge upon the fruit production of the main taxa and able to continue on the deeper (graduate level) studying of this subject or move to Tropical and Subtropical Pomology II.

Subject organization[edit | edit source]

This subject consists of 12 lessons. Each lesson is mentioned for one week. Students can start to study whenever they want, but it is highly recommended for them to pass the lessons in the numerical order. When studying a lesson they can discuss with other student and/or the teacher upon the misunderstandings which they have or upon other related points. Each student will also get a Subject work, it mean a topic to write something. This writing exercise will be four all 12 month. On the end participants are tested by a questionar and simple questions prepared by a teacher.

Syllabus[edit | edit source]

  • lessons:
  1. Introduction and data sources
  2. Fruit and its importance
  3. Methods of propagations and treatments to fruit crops
  4. Banana production
  5. Pineapple production
  6. Passion Fruit production
  7. Papaya production
  8. Mango production
  9. Avocado production
  10. Citrus production
  11. Actinidia production
  12. Date production
  13. Machinery of the most important tropical and subtropical fruits

Related Projects[edit | edit source]

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People[edit | edit source]

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Subject consequence[edit | edit source]

Students will study with less difficulty if they will have a basic knowledge of Systematic Botany, Morphology of Plants and Wikipedia Editing. They can continue in Tropical and Subtropical Pomology II.

Community help[edit | edit source]

If there will be any problems, students might ask and/or discuss them with other students and/or users on the appropriate lesson page or via discussion page of the teachers.

Sources[edit | edit source]

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