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Plan of action[edit | edit source]

Plan[edit | edit source]

This project came about because we all experience the engineering profession have included four in the second year groept engineering college . The central theme of the course is "make stuff work" concretely this means that we will build a (fictitious ) client , the Umicore Solar Team. Tiny solar car or small solar vehicle ( SSV )

We will build a SSV to demonstrate to the Umicore Solar Team that a small demo model can be powered by solar energy . Without battery pack We will achieve this through our SSV both manual testing and testing by simulation software issues. After extensive testing , we will participate in a solar race which is judged on the following criteria : the fastest, the most beautiful and the most innovative car.

Goals[edit | edit source]

Making a SSV that can be solar- powered and must meet the following criteria

• Streamlined shape

• Large energy transfer from engine to wheels ( good gearbox )

• Driving in a straight line

• As light as possible

• 14 meters can run on sunlight which the last 4 meters , there is an increase of 0.5 meters

• As soon as possible

• As beautiful as possible

• Innovative and quality

Furthermore, we must promote our SSV as well as possible by creating a web page and engraving. Team logo on the trolley

Approach[edit | edit source]

Now we explain briefly how we intend to achieve our goals.

• Regularly organize a measurement which progress will be discussed and revised until then approaching deadlines .

• Search for sturdy but lightweight materials with a reduced cost . ( Fablab , model shop , ... )

Search[edit | edit source]

• Compromise between stability and speed with the work of the zonnepanneel points .

Limitations[edit | edit source]

There are some limitations in this project. , A standard DC motor has to be used , and we have only a limited surface area of ​​solar cells. Furthermore, the budget is also limited

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