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Photographic Tourism Research: Literature Review

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Written by Inderpal Virdee


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This study reviews the current photographic tourism literature to identify what fields within tourism have been studied by researchers, the contexts, the samples used, the sampling methods employed, the photographic methods and supporting methods used, the data analysis techniques applied and the countries studied. A set of 115 relevant academic articles were selected and assessed using content analysis. The findings showed that overall publications in the field of photographic tourism increased after 1997, with a notable rise in tourism management research in this area. Tourist perceptions, tourist behaviours and destination image were the most frequently researched topics. Literature material was generally preferred over tourist samples. Purposive sampling was the most common sampling method. The main photographic data collection method was researcher-found imagery. Many studies used interviews as an accompanying method. Critical analysis was more common in North American research while statistical approaches were employed more often in Asian studies.

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