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Final Products

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See the final products can be viewed online with threes.js:

Sample Set of Images

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To start with you first 3D reconstruction it is recommended to use a small set of images, that allow the first start with the general procedures and major steps of Photogrammetry without the need to find the camera sensor width for you camera from the internet.


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As recommended by the developers of Regard3D, the Kermit images are a good set of images to start with.

webbased output of set of images Kermit, rendered with threes.js.
  • The advantage of this set of images is, that set contains only a few number of images and the size of each image isvery is very small (640x480). Therefore you will have a quick success in producing a 3D model form images. If you want better quality of the 3D model, you need to add a lot of good quality images (e.g. 60 or more depending on the level of details you want to accomphish in the 3D model). This will lead to long processing time (hours) depending on the performance of your computer.
  • This 3D reconstruction image sets will be processed within seconds and will encourage you to learn more about photogrammetry.

Other 3D Reconstruction Image Sets

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The following 3D reconstruction images sets can be used for learning Photogrammetry: