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Composting Toilets

The toilet looks like a conventional toilet. It has many features to make it an environmentally sustainable toilet, instead of a flush toilet that wastes water and brings up the problem of waste/ sewage disposal/runoff. This composting toilet made by Clivus uses one ounce of biodegradable matter for flushing purposes. There is a fan in the composting system so as no smell ever enters the bathroom. Your waste goes down some piping and into the compost pile. There is a sawdust bin at the end of the slant and the “waste” mixes with the sawdust and breaks down into compost. Once a month workers from Clivus come to mix the composting matter for efficient breaking down, and to add worms. There systems need to be emptied every five years. All of your “waste” turns into compost and it is a great fertilizer for plants.

Low VOC Paint

The _________ used only low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paints and materials in there building. VOC’s are basically nasty chemicals and toxins found in various supplies. When they are in ones house it creates bad air quality inside the home