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REQUIP ® is a dopmine agonist that widely prescribed for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease symptoms.

Active ingredients[edit | edit source]

Ropinirole hydrochloride

Most common adverse reactions to REQUIP[edit | edit source]



Stomach ache


Swelling of arms and legs

Burning sensation in stomach if taken with alcohol

Less common adverse reactions to REQUIP[edit | edit source]

Lowered blood pressure {leading to Slow pulse; Falls; Orthostatic hyotension; Fainting; Unsteadiness; Dizzines}

Somnolence (Extreme sleepiness)

Sudden sleep episodes {Narcolepsy}

Compulsive behaviour (e.g Sexual or gambling adiction}

If taken with levodopa

Dystonia (Jerky movements))



Further Reading[edit | edit source]

Position statement by the European Medicines Agency

References[edit | edit source]