Palliative medicine

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Palliative care medicine is the art and science of caring for patients at the end of life. It crosses the entire lifespan and range of pathological conditions leading up to death. This field of medicine is practiced by both general and specialist physicians and surgeons, who generally undertake this advanced training after qualification in another area of medicine.

An Introduction to Palliative Care Medicine[edit]

This course contains five modules:

Module 1 - An introduction to the end of life care.

  • The diagnosis of the end of life.
  • Patient expectations about the end of life.
  • The role of the clinician at the end of life.
  • Caring for the family.
  • The limits of care at the end of life.

Module 2 - Administration and general issues.

Module 3 - The management of pain and other common symptoms.

Module 4 - Other patient care issues.

Module 5 - Tasks after death.

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