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PCP HIV AIDS Toolkit NGOs & Centers
This page is part of the PCP HIV AIDS Toolkit.

Implementing HIV/AIDS Projects with NGO and DSWD Centers[edit | edit source]

Kate Pentz

Gathering Information[edit | edit source]

When considering implementing a HIV/AIDS project with your center it is very important to know your centers position on the issue. Ask the other workers what the general feeling about HIV/AIDS, have the staff had HIV/AIDS training or education, discuss what some of the strengths and concerns of teaching children about HIV/AIDS. Many centers don’t want to discuss HIV/AIDS because then they will have to talk about condom use or are concerned it will lead into a sexuality discussion. The center may also be concerned about the age of the participants in this type of activity. A faith based organization may be more hesitant to do HIV/AIDS awareness whereas a RRCY center for boys in conflict with the law would be willing to a workshop without hesitation.

Be Prepared[edit | edit source]

When you ask your counterpart or supervisor about doing an HIV/AIDS project be knowledgeable about the disease. Often times they may have very basic information or misinformation and it is up to you to explain how this project is beneficial to the center community. It is important to respect the where the center is in doing projects about this topic. Remember just because you are discussing HIV/AIDS you can come from at from multiple perspectives: abstinence, being responsible/making healthy choices or from using a condom. It is possible to educate about HIV/AIDS without discussing condoms as a method of prevention. You may need to come to an agreement with your counterpart or supervisor on the content of the session.

Creating A Project[edit | edit source]

A project outline could be created before you discuss the project with your counterpart or supervisor. Why do the participants need information on HIV/AIDS, who is your target audience, the length of the project, staff needed and the type of project you plan to implement. This proposal needs to be clear and concise.

Project Ideas[edit | edit source]

HIV/AIDS can be linked with many other topics. When developing your activity do not limit your creativity. HIV Projects can be done in with: gender awareness, health and hygiene, reproductive health, global issues, etc.

Additional Ideas:

  • 1/2 day workshop
  • Walk for a cause (HIV/AIDS)
  • Life skills class
  • Exploring Movies (watching an HIV/AIDS related movie with discussion)
  • Creating a toolkit for staff