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I have a Neo1973 and I've started to play with it.

Still early on, but I've managed to flash it (from a Mac) and get it to boot. I've SSH'ed into it, and I've played with various bits. Still a lot to learn, but it's very exciting and should be fun once it gets going.

I've now managed to make a GSM call and register to the network in my area. I tried to get Bluetooth working, but the instructions imply you need to be USB connected (not sure if the instructions are just USB centric).

I've got sound output to work, but only have some hints as to how sound input should work. It's still too early to "eat my own dogfood" on the device, but there is lots to do, and it's all exciting.

Aug 18 - Finally got a matching kernel and rootfs flashed, and have managed to bring up (but not get working) bluetooth. I've also got a basic build enviornment installed, now I have to build up a full version and see if I can get an image ready to be installed.