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This is a project which includes/describes a type of Interview which is done in a transparent way. Further development of this project can include instructions on how to conduct interviews in various ways that have qualities of transparency and interaction between interviewer (Q46034607) and interviewee (Q55534929).

This project is also about interacting with communities. ie. making polls of to learn more about communities, culture and subcultures.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Ask me anything may be a trade marked term. Reddit hosts ask me anythings. Reddit can be utilized for learning.

Barack Obama has done ask me anything on Reddit.

This is meant to be a spot where individuals can offer interviews. These interviews should be related to learning, teaching, or research.

What do you want to learn about? What can you teach others about? We can probably all learn from one another if we just take the time to listen and be curious.

Note: Your offer of an open interview may be deleted without discussion if it is construed as promotional or not directly related to the Wikiversity:Mission.

Examples on Reddit[edit | edit source]

These are examples of open interviews on Reddit (they are called AMA's or Ask Me Anything on Reddit). These are examples of educational and learning related AMA's.

Open Polls[edit | edit source]

As a sub project this is a system of interacting with communities through "Open Polls" by providing polls and results there-of.

The first example will be about interacting with gaming communities to find out more things about the "gamer identity". If work is done here then a project might(or might not be) started regarding the subject.

/Open Polls System

Open interviews here[edit | edit source]

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