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Links to Open Educational Resources

Links to open educational web resources for teaching and learning in many fields are listed ‎here.‎

1. Wikieducator Open Educational Resources

Wikieducator ‎portal providing links to exemplary open educational resources, institutional repositories, subject ‎portals and collections and community developed content in many fields of education. This ‎is a valuable portal for educators around the globe. ‎

2. The Aspen Institute Center for Business Education (CBE)‎

The Aspen Institute Center for Business Education equips business leaders for the 21st century with a ‎new management paradigm—the vision and knowledge to integrate corporate profitability and ‎social value. CBE is a part of the Aspen Institute Business and Society Program (BSP), an ‎organization dedicated to developing leaders for a sustainable global society. ‎ is a dynamic and ‎practical on-line resource for up-to-date case studies, syllabi, and innovative teaching ‎materials on business and sustainability - from corporate governance and ethical issues to ‎sustainable development. It is the leading resource for business school teaching materials that ‎incorporate social and environmental elements into mainstream b-school discussion ‎ partners with case publishers and top business journals to connect the ‎real-world practice of sustainability to education in the business school classroom. Their case ‎collection is carefully selected from the largest and most prominent case publishers, including ‎Harvard Business School Publishing, ecch, Darden and Ivey and the most high quality ‎materials that touch carefully on social, environmental and ethical issues are chosen. ‎


The vision statement of Cloudworks’ states that "it is a site for finding, sharing ‎and discussing learning and teaching ideas, experiences and issues”. Cloudworks emphasis is on ‎building a dynamic collection of ideas and experiences; via a variety of educational content ‎‎(learning designs, case studies, resources and tools) plus active discussions about the use and ‎effectiveness of this content in different contexts.‎

Open Web Resources For Teaching Innovation & Entrepreneurship


TALCIE stands for Teaching and Learning for Creativity, ‎Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The TALCIE community of practice is a group of people - ‎students, alumni, teachers and practitioners - that elicits the participation of its members and ‎community to make it easier for us to enable the best possible learning experience for people ‎who want to become more creative, innovative and entrepreneurial. TALCIE offers free ‎educational resources under Creative Commons license on various creative and innovative ‎entrepreneurial activities and competitions.‎ Venture Design Studio under the The Entrepreneurial Experience Course by Dr.Alex Bruton provides the ‎method to conduct a Venture pitching and assessing session.‎ The Mount Royal Innovation Tournament contains interesting videos of students’ ‎competition entries on creating and measuring as much value as possible from ordinary objects ‎like a business card, string, paper bag, plastic bottle etc.,‎

2. The Stanford Technology Ventures Program (STVP)

The Stanford Technology Ventures Program (STVP) is the ‎entrepreneurship education and research center located within the School of Engineering at ‎Stanford University.The Stanford Technology Ventures Program (STVP) Entrepreneurship ‎Corner is a free online archive of entrepreneurship resources for teaching and learning. STVP ‎offers a wide range of teaching resources in ‎the form of links to books, journals, videos etc., ‎

STVP's Entrepreneurship Corner is an internationally recognized resource for ‎educators who teach students about technology and high-growth entrepreneurship. It is an ‎online archive of content from the Stanford Technology Ventures Program and leading ‎entrepreneurship faculty at universities world-wide. This constantly-expanding resource ‎includes an extensive searcheable database of video clips and podcasts of entrepreneurial ‎thought leaders; reading lists; case studies on entrepreneurship; and links to conferences, ‎foundations, and groups that support entrepreneurship education.‎

3. MIT Sloan Teaching Innovation Resources

MIT Sloan Teaching Innovation Resources (MSTIR) is a collection of teaching ‎materials, including case studies, simulations, deep dives, and industry, business and ‎country overviews that MIT Sloan provides as a free teaching resource open and ‎available to the world. The various materials posted on this site have been developed by ‎MIT Sloan faculty and students. The areas currently include the global financial ‎crisis, sustainability, industry evolution, and global entrepreneurship.‎

MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) is a web-based publication of ‎virtually all Massachusetts Institute of Technology course content. OCW is open and ‎available to the world and is a permanent MIT activity. It is a free publication of MIT course ‎materials that reflects almost all the undergraduate and graduate subjects taught at MIT. ‎Excellent teaching resources are available on Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Developmental Entrepreneurship. A search function ‎with key words is an efficient way to find the resources in this website.‎

Links to online interest groups/Social Media groups/Angel Investor groups for entrepreneurs

1. London Women Mean Business – LinkedIn group

London Women Mean Business is a ‎networking group managed by Business Link in London. Use the group to network, access ‎free business support, find out about free events, and ask questions about all aspects of ‎running a small or medium sized business in London. Exclusive invites to women-only events ‎and access to free guides and information.‎

2. UnLtdWorld – Social Network for Entrepreneurs

UnLtdWorld is a open platform social ‎network aimed at connecting social entrepreneurs, social innovators and socially-minded ‎people. It allows entrepreneurs to build a personal business community, make connections, ‎collaborate and network to make new contacts. It also helps to promote buisness, get business ‎insights and find resources, toolkits and guides.‎

Links to entrepreneurial websites with useful information

1. International Council for Small Business (ICSB)

The International Council for Small Business (ICSB) was the first ‎international membership organization to promote the growth and development of small ‎businesses worldwide. It is devoted to the advancement of management development ‎practices for potential entrepreneurs and existing small business owner/managers through ‎education, research, and the free exchange of ideas. The knowledge center offers information on all of ‎ICSB conference proceedings, white papers, innovative teaching resources, and experiential ‎learning materials for registered members. The knowledge links to SME and Entrepenuership Blogs and a number ‎of SME business websites.‎

2. StartupNation

StartupNation is a free service founded by entrepreneurs for ‎entrepreneurs. It has grown to be the leading online content and community resource for ‎entrepreneurs. It connects to the local business and entrepreneurial networks in the North ‎America and contains a lot of useful information for budding entrepreneurs. Links to podcasts, ‎articles and business advise blogs can also be found here.‎

3. Business Link in London - Social Enterprise

Business Link in London for Social enterprise is a free, impartial, independent business advisory service available to anyone starting up or ‎running a small or medium sized business. BLL provides high quality, actionable information and ‎practical advice, connecting to expert assistance to help one to succeed. BLL website contains ‎excellent free tool kit for setting up social enterprises, guides on business plans to market analysis, ‎videos and many more useful resources for entrepreneurs. The Resource Directory is a valuable repository of ‎case studies, templates , tips and fact sheets on a wide array of entrepreneurial topics. The other ‎BLL links are, [ Women's Online Centre for female entrepreneurs] and [ ENABLE website ] for deaf and disabled ‎entrepreneurs . ‎


1. BBC’s Dragons’ Den

BBC’s Dragons’Den is a series of video shows on Entrepreneurs ‎pitching for investment in the Den from the ‘ Dragons’, who are five venture capitalists willing to ‎invest their own money into the ventures of the budding entrepreneurs, in exchange for equity. ‎The Dragons Den webpage also contain an online resource bank called the ‘Business School’ to ‎learn about nine essential elements of business. It also connects to many of BBC business links and ‎external sources useful for doing business.‎