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This is a project that supports the course Open Source 3-D Printing

Assignment[edit | edit source]

  1. Identify scientific/engineering lab need on campus for a 3D printable substitute for existing or planned purchase
  2. Meet with users to determine exact needs/acquire additional funds/components for multipart equipment
  3. Design 3D printable components with OS CAD packages (e.g.OpenSCAD or FreeCAD)
  4. Open NIH 3DP account and post STL, include all source files from OS CAD package, directions, explanation of what it is and a price estimate for a commercial equivalent (can use Appropedia page for directions and main host if easier)
  5. Print component and bring to class
  6. Add picture, link to NIH in gallery, "savings per replica" and a hyperlink to cost source below.

List of projects and people[edit | edit source]

  • project name, ~~~~ to sign it

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Add your image and hyperlink to the gallery below using the example format.

To see past examples of open source hardware for science see the Open Source Lab and the Wikiversity course: 3D Printing of Open Source Hardware for Science

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Subject classification: this is an engineering resource.