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Industrial Online Community is a global platform and Information Society for professionals in the same industry to communicate, collaborate, therefore ultimately helps the entire industry to optimize resource sharing and allocation. It shares the most common characteristics of a community in real life yet extends the border beyond specific region or country. Exchange of professional information therefore become more accessible with a much lower cost.[1]


Such community is a hybrid of information technology, cloud computing and internet services based on Software as a service (SAAS) model. Within the same industry, same type of technology is repeatedly implemented from company to company with certain level of customization.[2] Such commonality can be fully promoted and shared in an online platform and a knowledge base that is based upon previous implementation can be extremely helpful for other companies in the same industry. Hosting plan could varies between a combination of public cloud and private cloud, depends on level of data security required.[3]

Audience & Consumers[edit]

Industrial Community is essentially built for business entities in the target industry or relevant verticals. Based on the concept of Enterprise 2.0,[4] Industrial community is designed with Open ERP tools and functions to help companies to better plan and allocate resources. [5] As part of the advantage of online community, it opens up the possibility of largely reducing implementation and host cost as well as human resource cost. At the same time, the type of technology and development environment help company to scale up and down more flexibly.

At the same time, individuals are the basic elements in any type of community. A mature industrial online community takes into consideration of demand from both type of audience and provide service and tools accordingly. The plat in general is dedicated to meet the following needs:

  • Career development
  • Professional information search
  • Role Specific Training[6]
  • Business Partner seeking
  • Start up support

Products & Service[edit]

Industrial Community provides products and services such as Enterprise Resource planning, Project Management, Client Relationship Management and corresponding service as Saas based model to better serve business users. Meanwhile, the network aspect of the community will allow individuals to share knowledge, ideas and search for resources, collaborate beyond geographic boundaries.[7]


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