Obsolete musical instruments

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There are a great variety of other instruments that have been made that are no longer around. Here are some examples:

  • Basset Horn: a single reed instrument that was often bent in a variety of shapes then sent through a soundbox
  • Natural horn: an older version of the horn which uses a series of tubing extensions which attach at the mouthpiece hole
  • Racket: a double-reed instrument that sends the sound through a series of waves to deepen the sound
  • Saxhorns: Adolphe Sax developed both the woodwind saxophones, and an odd variety of brass instruments called "Saxhorns"
  • Theremin: an electronic instrument that is played by moving ones hands around
  • Valve trombone: apparently these instruments exist, but I've never seen one
  • Viol: an early form of the violin
  • Wagner Tuba: a tuba-like instrument that is played and built like a horn, mainly of course used by Richard Wagner

There are a great many others, but this is a start.