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OOEM/BPM Notation[edit | edit source]

Notation Bedeutung Konformität
OOEMBPMClass.png Basic symbols - note the distinction between classes (no underline) and instances (underline) UML standard
OOEMBPMObject.png UML standard
OOEMBPMClassInState.png extension to UML, we expect it in UML 3.0
OOEMBPMObjectInState.png UML standard (introduced for activity diagrams)
OOEMBPMConstellationStereotype.png UML stereotypes vs. new symbols (OOEM/BPM) suggested UML usage conforming to standard
OOEMBPMConstellationClass.png specific UML usage conforming to standard
OOEMBPMConstellationObject.png specific UML usage conforming to standard
OOEMBPMStepStereotype.png UML usage
OOEMBPMStepClass.png specific UML usage conforming to standard
OOEMBPMStepObject.png specific UML usage conforming to standard
OOEMBPMStepClassWithConstellations.png A step is the explicitly performed change between an initial and a final constellation specific UML usage conforming to standard
OOEMBPMStepObjectWithConstellations.png Same as above, but with instances instead of classes specific UML usage conforming to standard
OOEMBPMConstellationClassAggregate.png extension to UML
OOEMBPMConstellationObjectAggregate.png A constellation is an aggregation of certain objects within certain states extension to UML
OOEMBPMConstellationClassPane.png An alternative notation for a constellation extension to UML
OOEMBPMConstellationObjectPane.png extension to UML
OOEMBPMStepWithClassesInState.png Constellations can be shown in detail UML standard
OOEMBPMStepWithClassesInStateAlternativeOutcome.png Steps can have different (mutually exclusive) final constellations; individual classes/instances may be shared by these constellations UML standard
OOEMBPMStepAttributes.png All standard UML notation is valid, e.g. constraints UML standard
OOEMBPMActorsAndSchedule.png Of course actors and timing constraints can be placed here; optionally with nice symbols UML standard
OOEMBPMActorsAndScheduleDetailed.png A more complex example of annotations UML standard
OOEMBPMClassInStateInheritance.png extension to UML
OOEMBPMObjectInStateInheritance.png extension to UML
OOEMBPMStepInheritance.png Steps can be derived from as is true for any normal class; derivation of classes and instances within a certain state expresses a substate relationship extension to UML
OOEMBPMFuzzyStates.png Partially completed work can be shown in a natural way extension to UML
OOEMBPMLocationAsState.png extension to UML
OOEMBPMLocationPane.png A notation for location changes, as a special case of state changes extension to UML

Prozeß-Begriffe[edit | edit source]