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Present[edit | edit source]

Person Singular Meaning Plural Meaning
1st amō I love amāmus We love
2nd amās You love amātis You (pl.) love
3rd amat He/she/it loves amant They love

Stem in -iēs[edit | edit source]

Citation form: diēs, -ēī f

Case Singular Plural
nominative di·ēs di·ēs
genitive di·ēī di·ērum
dative di·ēī di·ēbus
accusative di·em di·ēs
ablative di·ē di·ēbus
vocative di·ēs di·ēs
locative di·ē di·ēbus

One-termination consonant stem[edit | edit source]

Citation form: vetus, -eris

Case m f singular Red XN singular m f plural Red XN plural
nominative vetus vetus veter·ēs veter·a
genitive veter·is veter·is veter·um veter·um
dative veter·ī veter·ī veter·ibus veter·ibus
accusative veter·em vetus veter·ēs veter·a
ablative veter·e veter·e veter·ibus veter·ibus
vocative vetus vetus veter·ēs veter·a
locative veter·ī veter·ī veter·ibus veter·ibus

Greek declension[edit | edit source]

Citation form: atomus (-os), -ī [factual?]

Case Singular Plural
nominative atom·os / atom·us atom·ī
genitive atom·ī atom·ōrum
dative atom·ō atom·īs
accusative atom·on / atom·um atom·ōs
ablative atom·ō atom·īs
vocative atom·e atom·ī
locative atom·ō atom·īs

Background colours[edit | edit source]

Letter Sound (IPA) Sound (example) Example
Letter Sound (IPA) Sound (example) Example
Letter Sound (IPA) Sound (example) Example
A a a as in English father abandona abandon
B b b as in bet bebe baby
C s or k foreign names only. Generally: s before e and i
as in Celsius, otherwise k as in Cairo
Caracas Caracas
CH or ʃ ch as in church or sh as in shine chanse chance
D d d as in deep defini define
E e é as in French fiancée or e as in in English pet egal equal
F f f as in food fala fall
G g g as in get garda guard
H h h as in hot helpa help
I i ee as in seen but shorter or i as in French petite impeda impede
J dʒ or ʒ j as in jet or s as in pleasure jirafe giraffe
K k k as in ski (not aspirated) kioske kiosk
L l l as in let lande land
M m m as in moon magnetisa magnetise
N n n as in never nature nature
O o o as in Spanish no or o as in English on observa observe
P p p as in sport (not aspirated) papa daddy
QU kw or kv or ku qu as in question or qu as in German Quelle or cu as in Spanish cuesta questione question
R r or ɹ rolled r as in Scots English
or English r
rapid rapid
S s or z s as in summer or s as in rise sune sun
SH ʃ or sh as in shine or ch as in church shuta shoot
T t t as in step (not aspirated) teknike technique
U u u as in put unik unique
V v v as in victory variatione variation
W w or u or v w as in west or ou in French ouest or w as in German West watt watt
X ks or gz x as in axe or x in example auxiliari auxiliary
Y j y as in you yuna young
Z z or s foreign names only. Generally: z as in Zambia
or as in original language if different
Suez Suez

A Pronuntiatione: kom F a, E in card, calm, D a.

Novial Part of Speech English Original NL entry
a prep to a D zu, E to, F à
Novial Part of
English Original NL entry Novial Source
a prep to a D zu, E to, F à NL (1930)
 a prep to a D zu, E to, F à
Novial Part of
English Original NL entry Novial source
A subst a, the letter a A Pronuntiatione: kom F a, E in card, calm, D a. NL (1930)