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Definitions[edit | edit source]

Nobel, Alfred Bernhard 1833-1896; Swedish industrialist, philanthropist, and inventor of dynamite: established the Nobel prizes.

(Americanism) Nobelist, Nobellist; noun. A person who has been awarded a Nobel prize.

Nobel prizes; annual international prizes given by the Nobel Foundation for distinction in physics, chemistry, economics, medicine or physiology, and literature, and for promoting peace.

There is scattered information on the Nobel prizes throughout the Wikiversity. I hope to gather most of it together here. I intend to add more information, including dates, recipients, and a summary of their contributions, for the following categories.

Physics[edit | edit source]

Chemistry[edit | edit source]

Economics[edit | edit source]

Medicine or Physiology[edit | edit source]

Literature[edit | edit source]

For Promoting Peace[edit | edit source]

Winners of Multiple Prizes[edit | edit source]

Prizes awarded to More than One Recipient[edit | edit source]

"A prize may not be shared among more than three people."

Ray Calvin Baker (talk) 18:14, 30 April 2012 (UTC)

Information Sources[edit | edit source]

Webster's New World Dictionary, Second College Edition, 1980 and 1979, WILLIAM COLLINS PUBLISHERS, INC., ISBN 60B 0-529-05324-1

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