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little robot, project by Brit Liessler.

Department News[edit | edit source]

  • 14/6/2007 -- Department founded!
  • 27/6/2007 -- Call for participants ! SPREAD WIKILOVE !
  • 23/11/2007 -- 2nd brief open ! JOIN !

New Medias Arts school introduction[edit | edit source]

Hello everyone and welcome to the Wikiversity New Media Arts School.

"New Media" is not a discipline, it is an area of research, at the edge of what have been already experienced, usually transdisciplinary, the expanding area of knowledge and experimentation in the media arts field. To start building this University and resource collective questions need to be asked and solved collectively.

Active participants[edit | edit source]

  1. Cesar Harada, 14/6/2007, initiator of the school.
  2. Dionysios (talk), a Participant in the Wikiversity School of Advanced General Studies, 2007-07-24 (July 24, 2007)
  3. Brook Hsu, first student ! hi !
  4. Becky Heritage,
  5. Germán Scully
  6. Thaddaeus Tekell
  7. JSMataro DeepspeeD seeds 9 May 2008

Brief 1 : Introduction as a questionnaire[edit | edit source]

Please answer the questions, you will be given feedback to help you move on to the next brief. The aim of the first brief is to understand your actual position and your direction through discussion. Student who took the brief : Brook Hsu, Elmedio, JSMataro.

Brief 2 : Get your hands dirty[edit | edit source]

Use the brief 1 questions and build something in the real world to illustrate yout thoughts, doubts, questions, challenge your questions. You are encourage to mix medias and step into medias that are alien to you ... Don't wander around to long : quickly grab an idea and prototype it, post images and the work in progress. [1] way of presenting project may inspire you.

Potential[edit | edit source]

We believe we can build here together an immensely useful source of informations for all those who want to become new media artists, or just want to use punctually the resource.

No format ... yet.[edit | edit source]

Wikiversity is still very young and you, we are those who make it happen, the way we want it to happen. Wikiversity is not Wikipedia, we are not asking you definitions but to the contrary, personal, radical, creative approaches. We want to challenge definitions, political correctness by creating free content, might it be seen as false today, it may be a path to something new and great.

Next[edit | edit source]

We are quite sure you have some ideas of how Wikiversity could be working, please share your dreams, your perspective of this type of educational structure.

Software studied on the course[edit | edit source]

Hardware and electronic studies on the course[edit | edit source]