Neurodiversity Movement/Section 2: A History Of Abuse

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Section 2: A History Of Abuse[edit | edit source]

This section'll introduce the abuse suffered by other neurotypes, (Explanation at Section 1), and some examples.

Quack cures and their dangers.[edit | edit source]

For Autism, there is not a cure yet[1], but, some people still think about the possible existence of one, leading to dangerous approaches in their attempt.

One example of this, is the bleach cure[2], which includes Jim's Humble Miracle Mineral Solution, which was offered to children with Autism, and other neurotypes, it's a chlorine dioxide-formed product, which offers now to treat Ebola or Cancer, sometimes affirming the existance of viruses in some still unclear diseases.[3]

  • This caused a death, and several injuries.[4]

Twisted therapies[edit | edit source]

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