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Interactions with various internet communities[edit | edit source]

This section is about plans for polls or direct interactions with a certain community. If a participant thinks there is a relevant community to reach out to and interact with it with polls/posts then feel free to add a section for that. More subsections can be added for the specific communication, ie. a poll, a post etc. Also feel free to list your username in "List of public usernames". Feel free to re-use polls, posts etc. information from this page. It saves time and feel free to adapt the polls to your needs.

optional "rules" As a sort of an "optional to follow" rule that participants can follow or ignore is that after a participant has created a poll or a communication plan that the participant waits for at least 48 hours to pass. After those 48 hours have passed the communication/poll/event can be carried out. That might work as a tip that could be useful for some participants as that gives time for the participant's mind to process the plan or the poll. It can also help to make other participants aware that communication/interaction is intended and participants are given time to provide input and feedback to intended communication plan/plans. This is a list of optional rules you can use if you think they will help you make better interactions with communities in a systematic way:

  • The 48 hour rule - After a participant has finished with their post or poll he/she/they can state a date that is 48 hours after they finished writing their poll. ie. if an edit was made on 2021-02-08 09:37:29 where a participant finished their poll they can use this rule and make another edit where they add the time ie. "2021-02-10 after 09:50, before 15:00" or be very specific like "2021-02-10 10:50:00" or less specific like "2021-02-10 after 09:37:30"(which could be 23:59:59 or 09:37:31 or anytime in between)

A note about Reddit polls: As of today 2021-02-09 I(LotsofTheories) have observed that Reddit polls:

  • have an unknown(to me)Character length(I am unaware of how to find out the length without crashing my web browser)
  • has a maximum of 6 options, with no support for more to be added.
  • poll options Character length is capped at 120 Characters
  • title length is capped at 300 in Character length

Interactions with the Reddit subreddit community "/r/neurodiversity"[edit | edit source]


The rules of this subreddit can be found on their main page("UID"="r/neurodiversity Rules"): rules(archived version of rules[1] at 2021-02-06 10:14:17 UTC). Suggestion is to use their main page when looking for the rules and not the archived version since the current archived version(2021-02-06 10:14:17 UTC) has less information.


  • [1] - The archived version for reddit subpages on Wayback Machine is problematic because some information may be hidden behind elements that need to be pressed in order to display parts of the information, in this instance the archived version is broken so that the element cannot be pressed. If anybody can archive the rules in a public and verifiable archive please do that and replace the link.

"neurotype" related poll[edit | edit source]

Intention is to read the rules(of the subreddit) right before the poll is posted.

  • Title/Subject of the poll: "[poll] The NeuroTypical neurotype/neurotypes"
  • Poll description: "Do you assume/believe/'have theories about' that there is one or more neurotypes for the concept of "NeuroTypical"?"
  • "Voting length": 3 days

Poll items(6 options):

  1. Yes, I believe that there is only one neurotype that can describe all NeuroTypicals
  2. Yes, I believe that there are many neurotypes that can describe NeuroTypicals
  3. Yes, I believe that there are enough neurotypes that can describe NeuroTypicals as in a "NeuroTypical spectrum"
  4. No, I believe the concept of "neurotype" is pseudoscience
  5. No, I believe that "neurotype" doesn't get the whole picture
  6. I would prefer to give feedback on the poll instead of participating directly
  • Planned interaction date(UTC): After 2021-02-11 10:00
  • Poll last edited date: check "View history"
    • Using these rules:
    • The 48 hour rule

Kept for bookkeeping purposes Original planned interaction date(UTC): After 2021-02-10 21:00

Results[edit | edit source]

The results will be published here after the poll has closed:

List of public usernames[edit | edit source]

Here you can list public usernames that are connected with communication and you can also add your own username. This section is used for listing a "unique identifier" username that is used on some community:


  • thinkinginpatterns to be used by LotsofTheories