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Social bookmarking and tagging occurs on web based services where shared lists of user-created Internet bookmarks are displayed. Social bookmarking sites generally organize their content using tags and are an increasingly popular way to locate, classify, rank, and share Internet resources through the practice of tagging, and inferences drawn from grouping and use of such tags. The concept of shared online bookmarking dates to the mid 1990s. An early generation of social bookmarking companies launched in the late 1990s failed as the dot-com bubble burst. The concepts of social bookmarking and tagging took root with the launch of a web site called in approximately 2003. March 2006

Uses for Tagging

  • Teacher bookmarks websites and online resources for access away from PC
  • Students subscribe to teacher's bookmark web feed as a reading list
  • Students collaborate in bookmarking resources for their subject
  • Searching
  • Combining resources to create a unique resource

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There's no doubt that images, video and audio can be an excellent way to communicate more complicated things to learners. In this workshop we'll use a range of recording devices and free and simple software to record and edit our own videos. You'll be surprised at how easy it can be. Participants are urged to bring along any digital image recording devise they may already own, as well as the cables it came with to plug into a computer.

About digital video Getting video into a digital format and deliverable over the Internet has become a very simple process compared to 6 years ago. Effective video can be recorded on most digital cameras, directly to a format that is suitable for the Internet. Video tape cameras have become significantly cheaper, and editing software has become more freely available and stable on modern computers.

Uses for digital video

  • Demonstrating technical skills
  • Representing scenarios
  • Assessing student skills
  • Material profiling

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