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Netsh is a Windows command used to display and modify the network configuration of a currently running local or remote computer. These activities will show you how to use the netsh command to configure IPv6 6to4.

Note: To complete this activity, you must have an administrative user account or know the username and password of an administrator account you can enter when prompted.

Preparation[edit | edit source]

To prepare for this activity:

  1. Start Windows.
  2. Log in if necessary.

Activity 1 - Display 6to4 Status[edit | edit source]

To display 6to4 status:

  1. Open an elevated/administrator command prompt.
  2. Type netsh interface 6to4 show state and press Enter.
  3. Observe the 6to4 status.
  4. Type netsh interface 6to4 show relay and press Enter.
  5. Observe the 6to4 relay router.

Activity 2 - Enable 6to4[edit | edit source]

To enable 6to4:

  1. Type netsh interface 6to4 set state enabled and press Enter.
  2. Use ipconfig to display 6to4 settings. Note: 6to4 only works with a public IPv4 address. If you have a private IPv4 address, 6to4 will show the media state as disconnected.

When using 6to4, you should disable Teredo and disable ISATAP.

Activity 3 - Disable 6to4[edit | edit source]

To disable 6to4:

  1. Type netsh interface 6to4 set state disabled and press Enter.
  2. Use ipconfig to confirm that 6to4 was disabled.
  3. Close the command prompt to complete this activity.

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