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This series is currently hosted on the curator's website. If you would like to help migrate it to wikiversity to make it an open source project, please contact Jon Michael Swift if you have any questions!

The Pluck and Chuck Guitar Series on YouTube

pluck n' chuck song title Composer/Artist/Arranger Challenge Rating
More than words Extreme 1
Life is wonderful Jason Mraz 2
Return to Pooh Corner Kenny Loggins 2
Ripple The Grateful Dead 2
Mario Kart Love Song Sam Hart 3
Small Bump Ed Sheeran 3
The A Team Ed Sheeran 3
Burning Bridges Jason Mraz 4
Conversation with Myself Jason Mraz 4
details in the fabric Jason Mraz 4
Hurricane Railroad David Jacobs-Strain 4
I will follow you into the dark Ben Gibbard 4
Present Infant Ani Difranco 4
Tangled Up in You Aaron Lewis 4
When you come back down Nickel Creek 4
you were meant for me Jewel 4
Dear Marie John Mayer 5
Holy Now Peter Mayer 5
November 4th 2008 Ani Difranco 5
Sketch Without a Name Niall Carmichael 5
Why Georgia John Mayer 5
Your body is a wonderland John Mayer 5
Clarity John Mayer 6
Did I Fool Ya? Jason Mraz 6
Further Away Ben Howard 6
Gravel Ani Difranco 6
Song of the caged bird Lindsey Stirling/Jon Michael Swift 6
Stop this train John Mayer 6
the heart of life John Mayer 6
You Fucking Did It Jason Mraz 6
3x5 John Mayer 7
Blues Man steven stills 7
Neon John Mayer 8
Moonbeam Willy Porter 9