Music and Songwriting/Street Religion - A Guide to Lyric writing and improvisation

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How to Freestyle for Write Guys - and Intro to Freestyle Rap[edit | edit source]

This course is my sketch of how I taught myself to freestyle rap. I learned about street style Hip Hop when I lived in Philadelphia, encountering my first cipher on the Temple campus in North Philadelphia and discovering how spontaneous Hip Hop gatherings could occur anywhere in the city. I learned to beatbox by hanging around Temple's Freestyle Friday the Mic Stew and MC Karma among others. I eventually developed a method for getting my freestyle lyrics going, and this is it in its most elemental form. There is obviously a lot more you can do with rapping - learning to write punchlines, metaphors, using different styles, more complex rhyme and rhythm techniques, freestyle games. This is just to get a basic flow going. Once you have this much mastered, you should be able to start creating freestyle lyrics with others and getting into jams with other rappers and musicians. I also use these basic techniques to improvise new lyrics to songs I accompany on guitar, so the skills can transfer outside of the genre easily enough.

Intro to the Course -

Rhyming Lesson -

Timing Lesson -

Defining Context Lesson -

Synthesizing Lesson/Freestyle Black Belt Test -