Moving Up

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Moving Up
DesignerNoam Ebner & Yael Efron
TopicNegotiation and Bargaining
PreparationPrint and Play
Time75-90 minutes including debrief
No. of roles/players2 teams of 2 players. Create multiple quartets in a class of any size
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MOVING UP is a negotiation simulation-game designed around a familiar scenario: homeowners hope to “move up” by buying a more spacious and expensive home from other homeowners (who seek in turn to do the same themselves.) The structure of the game engages participants in prioritizing, at-the-table relationship building, positional bargaining, and creative thinking; often the parties find themselves at impasse and need to reconsider and re-enact any or all of those activities.

This file contains full simulation material, and detailed simulation setup and management instructions have been provided. Additionally, an extensive Debriefing Guide is provided to address the wide variety of training-goals this simulation can achieve.