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Marking criteria[edit]

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Two key criteria will be used in marking the e-portfolio exercise:

  1. Regularity/continuity (33.3%): Consistent and continuous engagement in learning activities throughout the unit.
  2. Depth/insightfulness (66.7%): In depth, thoughtful, questioning, insightful reflection on the unit's learning activities


  1. Consistent and continuous engagement: Demonstrate consistent and continuous engagement throughout the unit by participating in, and reflecting on, the unit's learning activities (lectures, tutorials, readings, and assessment tasks). Regularity isn't necessarily about the date of posting, although regular posting (e.g., weekly) is recommended.
  2. Additional exploration: The e-portfolio can also be used to record additional exploration of motivation and emotion concepts (such as further reading) in the Wikiversity environment. For example, development of ideas for the textbook chapter and multimedia components may be recorded as part of the e-portfolio.


  1. In depth engagement: Demonstrates in depth engagement (thinking, questioning, reading, researching, investigating etc.) in the unit's learning activities.
  2. Indicators of depth: Indicative aspects of depth/insightfulness include: length, quality of thinking/writing, use of citations, including relevant links, clarity of expression and explanation, voicing of opinions, discussion of ideas with others, use of relevant images, use of examples etc. Note that whilst length of contributions may be an indicator, the intellectual quality of engagement is more important.
  3. Additional contributions: Additional contributions to Wikiversity beyond your user page and textbook chapter (such as comments on other people's e-portfolios and textbook chapters) will also be considered as part of your e-portfolio (they demonstrate engagement). Such participation is optional (an HD-level e-portfolio could be written without such participation), but will be counted. If you wish to have non-user page contributors considered as part of your e-portfolio, include relevant explanation on your user page.


This marking rubric offers generic qualitative descriptions of typical characteristics for e-portfolios for each grade level:

Grade Description
HD (High Distinction) A regular, detailed, extensive (indepth), insightful, readable, complete record of one's participation in the learning activities of the unit which demonstrates a strong knowledge about motivation and emotion and makes particularly effective use of the Wikiversity environment.
DI (Distinction) A very good record of engagement with the unit's learning activities, with notable contributions in several areas (e.g., discussion list, notable depth or insightfulness) and makes very effective use of the Wikiversity environment.
CR (Credit) A sufficient and reasonably complete record of engagement with the unit's learning activities, with some evidence of notable additional effort (e.g., notable depth, insightfulness, and makes effective use of the Wikiversity environment.)
P (Pass) A sufficient and satisfactory record of engagement with the unit's learning activities.
F (Fail) Does not provide a sufficient or adequate record/evidence of satisfactory engagement with the unit's learning activities.