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There are many miscellaneous architectural gestures that supported the main concepts behind architectural works. Here we can assemble factual data that can be used for further examination.

Barques, Barges, and Byblos Boats and their burial[edit | edit source]

List locations of boat pits, their sizes, location, etc.

Early Dynastic Boat burials[edit | edit source]


  • As part of a first dynasty complex 14 ancient boats were buried. This boat burial was found in Abydos and may have belonged to King Aha or Djer. Dimensions: 19 m × 3.5 m × 0.6 m - 29 m × 3.5 m × 0.6 m (14 boats)

Saqqara :

  • Mastaba 3357. This tomb dates to the first dynasty. Probably to the time of Hor-Aha. It has a double enclosure wall measuring 48 m x 22 m. To the north buildings were found and described as an "estate". To the north of these estates a boat grave was found. Its dimensions were 19.3 m × 3.2 m × 1.0 m
  • Mastaba 3503 This tomb is attributed to Queen Merneith of the first dynasty. The tomb has an enclosure wall and a boat burial. Dimensions 17.75 m × 4.25 m × 0.8 m
  • Mastaba 3506. Reign of Den, This boat grave was placed within the enclosure wall. The mud brick superstructure was built directly on the desert surface. The dimensions are 22.15 m × 3.4 m × 1.1 m
  • Mastaba 3036 Tomb of Ankh-ha. The boat pit was sunk below ground level and then lined with mud brick and plastered. The dimensions are 14.3 m × 2.15 m × 0.75 m

Helwan :

  • Helwan is the site of one of the most extensive early dynastic cemeteries of the early dynastic period. Some tombs have boat pits.

Abu Roash (Abu Rawash) :

  • Several early dynastic tombs from the time of King Den were found at Abu Rawash. One was accompanied by two boat burials. [1] [2][3]

Boat burials at Giza[edit | edit source]

  • There are five boat-pits near the pyramid of Khufu. [4] One has been excavated, while another one will be excavated. The boat pits are covered by an outer containment wall.
    • The North subsidiary pyramid (G Ia) has a boat-pit on the south side.
    • The Middle subsidiary pyramid (G Ib) has a boat-pit at the south-west corner. [4]
  • There are five boat-pits near the pyramid of Khafre, with possibly a sixth north of the mortuary temple. [4]
  • There is a boat pit near the tomb of Queen Khentkaues I, who dates to the end of the 4th or beginning of the 5th dynasty. [4]

Boat pits of the 6th dynasty[edit | edit source]

  • Mastaba of Kagemni: The funerary complex of the Vizier to king Teti contained two boat pits.

These include boat pits near the queen's pyramids as well. [5]

Obelisks[edit | edit source]

Statuary[edit | edit source]

Include Avenue of the Sphinxes or other groupings.

Hieroglyphs and Architecture[edit | edit source]

Identify hieroglyphs that signify 'building' and look for relationship to actual built architecture within the same period...

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