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There is no adjectives per say in Mi'kmaq. The words in the table below are verbs meaning "He/she/it is black" (or another colour). All verbs shown are for the third person and are singular.

Note: All words in the below table are in Francis-Smith orthography (see Mi'kmaq Orthographies for more details).

English Mi'kmaq Pronunciation
Black Maqtawe'k, maqtewe'k
Blue Ewne'k
Brown Tupkwanamu'k, jijijuwaqitewamu'k
Dark green Stoqonamuksit
Deep blue Musqunamu'k
Gold Wisawisuliewey
Green Stoqonamu'k
Grey Sulieweyamu'k
Light blue Musik'ewamuk'
Orange Nikjawiknejewamu'k, wisawsulieweyamu'k
Pink Nijinjewamu'k
Purple Nisqunamu'k
Red Mekwe'k
Yellow Wisawe'k, wataptek
White Wape'k

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